Symphony for the Devil

Nine voices from the smoking rubble

Nine citizens who dared challenge a status quo built on conformity, denial, and Madison-Avenue mythology. Citizens with dangerous ideas they owned out loud, propelling us all into a blood-stained, soul-scorching confrontation with the American Dream, the inconvenient realities of race, sex, drugs, and money.

They dared to imagine another way. For that, they were vilified, charged, and gaged. Why? Because there was no question, they were the Devil.

The media told us so.

A Pocket Manual for the Highway to Hell


Symphony for the Devil is a limited-edition companion to the mixed-media, art gallery exhibit of the same name. Printed in color on Jefferson Spirit Velvet art paper. Raw-wood, logo slipcase.


Design and construction by Robert Bucciarelli, Doug DJ Bennett, and Charlie Newton. Photographs by Baron Wolman, Rolling Stone magazine.