Three fierce women. A ghost ship’s treasure. And a bone-chilling Caribbean warlord.

WWI rages. U.S. Marines storm Haiti’s Banque Nationale, loot $26 million in gold, then vanish. A century later, clues surface during the demolition of a Chicago racetrack, pointing to the Corazón Santo—the malevolent triangle of Havana, Kingston, and Port-au-Prince. Three fierce, vibrant women reunite to hunt the treasure, hoping it will buy their survival from past entanglements. They conscript a streetwise Chicago horseplayer’s help, then risk a return into the blood-drenched Caribbean jungle that has tried to kill them before. The uneasy partners are quickly swallowed in a terrifying labyrinth of shadow government and modern-day piracy where a final choice will be forced upon them: gold, survival, or redemption?

Privateers is recommended for fans of Nelson DeMille’s The Cuban Affair, Nora Roberts’s The Reef, Clive Cussler’s Sea of Greed, and Wayne Stinnett’s Rising Water.

Winner of the thriller/adventure category of American Book Fest’s International Book Awards

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