Three fierce women. A ghost ship’s treasure. And a bone-chilling Caribbean warlord.

WWI rages. U.S. Marines storm Haiti’s Banque Nationale, loot $26 million in gold, then vanish. A century later, clues surface during the demolition of a Chicago racetrack, pointing to the Corazón Santo—the malevolent triangle of Havana, Kingston, and Port-au-Prince. Three fierce, vibrant women reunite to hunt the treasure, hoping it will buy their survival from past entanglements. They conscript a streetwise Chicago horseplayer’s help, then risk a return into the blood-drenched Caribbean jungle that has tried to kill them before. The uneasy partners are quickly swallowed in a terrifying labyrinth of shadow government and modern-day piracy where a final choice will be forced upon them: gold, survival, or redemption?

Privateers is recommended for fans of Nelson DeMille’s The Cuban Affair, Nora Roberts’s The Reef, Clive Cussler’s Sea of Greed, and Wayne Stinnett’s Rising Water.

Winner of American Book Fest’s International Book Award (for Thriller/Adventure)

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