SYMPHONY's nine citizen voices dared challenge a status quo built on conformity, denial, and Madison-Avenue mythology. These citizens had ideas. Dangerous ideas. Their willingness to own them out loud propelled us all into a blood-stained, soul-scorching confrontation with the American Dream, the inconvenient realities of race, sex, drugs, and money.

2015—history's hard won lessons are routinely denied—bloated elephants stand invisible on our street corners, in our banks, on our battlefields. Flying blind, the most powerful nation on earth hurtles toward a seminal collision of utopian goals, puritan theology, and dwindling resources.

accepted the thirty pieces of silver so often that we-the-governed have redefined bribery as "contributions." Our elected shepherds refuse to confront the obvious and yet they remain our shepherds, ruling on our futures, our sins, our ideas—the possible. How can this be? Simple: Morning and night, camera-friendly faces make certain we "understand." Those friendly faces have voices trained by professionals, then blessed by corporate access and Nielsen GRPs. The faces explain, we shuffle.

SYMPHONY is a confrontation with bobblehead love and the talking points we-the-well-governed-and-informed willingly accept as dialogue on sex, race, drugs, power, greed, and religion:

Fear the Books; burn the witches...
        touch your TV and you will be Healed

Symphony for the Devil

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